How to Know You’re Getting a Good Lawyer? Look at Their Blog

Posted by on Nov 29, 2018 in Personal Injury

After an accident, you need a lawyer to help you recover compensation for your injuries and expenses. Not just any lawyer will do, however – you want the best. But how do you tell whether a lawyer is good or not? You can spend a lot of time sifting through testimonials, trying to discover if they’ve won awards, or scheduling consultations to compare different lawyers, but if you’re stressed and on a time-crunch, as many accident victims are, this may be too much work. To help you narrow down your list as efficiently as possible, let me throw out a simple suggestion: check their blog.

If you’ve done any lawyer shopping, you probably know that most lawyers have blogs. You may think that’s a waste of time for a lawyer with a lot of other responsibilities, but having an active blog actually demonstrates a few very important aspects: they know what they’re talking about, and they care about their clients.

If you aren’t sure which lawyer to choose, then, the next thing you should do is to load all the sites for the lawyers you are considering and read through their blogs. Start by eliminating those lawyers that don’t have blogs at all. They aren’t willing to put the time in to answer common questions or provide assistance to people who don’t even hire them, or they don’t know enough to write more than a few blog posts.

After eliminating these lawyers, start reading the blogs for the remaining firms. What are you looking for? Well, let’s go with a firm that handles blogging well: Adams Law Firm.

When you click on their blog, you’ll find posts on a lot of various topics, including everything from social media to features in cars that lead to distracted driving to the kinds of injuries you need to look out for on a holiday. What you’ll notice right away is that these topics are varied. That suggests a law firm that understands many different areas of the law, meaning they’re more likely to be able to help you. At the same time, you’ll see that the topics very easily relate to everyday life. That suggests a law firm that knows how to relate to clients and how to relate facts to a jury. Finally, you’ll notice that despite how relatable the topics are, they are relatively complex and require a significant amount of experience and knowledge to write them.

In other words, just looking at a lawyer’s blog can tell you with just a few minutes of skimming if they are a lawyer worth your time. If you use this method, you’ll find that you can cut out a lot of law firms right away and single in on the ones that can really work well for you. You may also find that you learn quite a bit about the law and the risks around the world with a bit of pleasant reading.

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